Advanced Bioprocess Development Limited (ABD) specialises in biological process intensification using expanded bed technology. This generic technology is used to develop novel processes, either in house for licensing or under contract.


  • Energy efficient
    • 50% saving in aeration cost
  • Simple, robust technology
    • low capital and maintenance costs
  • Compact plant
    • small footprint for installation where space at a premium
  • natural immobilization
    • cells immobilized in situ, no need for separate unit operation
    • 1,800 m2 active biofilm per m3 expanded bed
  • continuous processing; not batch, sequencing batch or fed batch

Our platform technology is suitable for a variety of uses:

  • Biological treatment of water and wastewater:
    • process technology suitable for:
      • Nitrification
      • Denitrification
      • Anaerobic digestion
      • cBOD oxidation and SS removal
      • Phosphate removal
  • Fermentation - production of:
    • Ethanol
    • Antibiotics
    • Enzymes
  • Biocatalysis - production of:
    • Fine chemicals
    • Pharmaceutical intermediates
    • Biodiesel, through esterification of vegetable oils